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 Hello! I’m so glad that you decided to stop by and learn about me! First off, this blog and my life have traveled many different courses over the last few years. Around three and a half years ago, I quit my job as an accountant to stay home with my boys and start a business. I quickly realized that the stay at home mom, business thing, seemed to be robbing me of the few sweet years that I would have at home with my boys. So I had to let it go, but the blog still lives.I spent last year homeschooling my oldest, but this year, our church started a school. Now I send off our kindergartener and fourth grader everyday, leaving me with empty hands. My husband has a full time job working for a commercial construction company, but his heart is happiest when he’s on a tractor. He’s a farmer at heart, and spends his evenings, weekends, and vacation days, planting and harvesting corn, wheat, and soybeans, and raising cattle. With my hands now empty, we decided to incorporate me into our farming operation. When the boys are away, I tend to our poultry farm. This leaves me dirty, sweaty, and smelly at the end of most days.

This past year has been a huge season of change for me. In March, my dad suffered an infection from a neck surgery that led him to being paralyzed from the neck down. God heard and answered our desperate prayers, and he can now move all of his limbs! We are six months into his journey, and he’s still in a rehab facility learning to walk and do all the simple things that we in-deliberately take for granted.

I love God, and Jesus, and church, and my bible! I love leading bible studies and getting together with other girls to talk about His word and to encourage each other through it. It is my dream to one day write a book, or bible study, when the time is right and when God plants it in my heart. For now, I journal what is on my heart, and what God is teaching me, here.

God recently led me to the bible study and book by Ann Voskamp, “One Thousand Gifts.” I’m making my way through this amazing book now, and it has opened my eyes to so much beauty, when this world seems to only be filled with ugly news. As I was reading through her book, she talks about how she started her list of 1,000 gifts on the back of a piece of scrap paper. On the back of the first of her list was a picture drawing by a child of St. Patrick. This has so much significance to me, because I found my daddy, at home, laying on the floor, paralyzed and unable to move, calling out for my help, on St. Patrick’s Day. Her list of beautiful gifts from the Lord, started on a piece of paper with St. Patrick. I’ve since felt like a little piece of me died on that day, but through this act of thankfulness, I’m seeing all the beauty that was actually birthed since then. I’m now journaling my 1,000 gifts here if you want to follow along.

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lots and lots of love,